Beautiful bathrooms: renovation ideas for stylish, functional bathrooms

26 March 2022

It’s one of the most versatile rooms of any home and we all want a lot of different things from our bathrooms and ensuites.

While most of us yearn for a bit of five-star hotel-like luxury like heated towel racks, underfloor heating and a spa, our bathrooms should also cater as a haven for solitude and a functional space for busy morning routines.

So, here’s some ideas about how to create a stylish bathroom that ticks boxes.

Go monochrome

Classic black and white is still a favourite when it comes to the colour palette of a bathroom. Many renovators are opting for matt black tapware contrasted with white fixtures, or black and white patterned floor tiles. Spice the monochrome up with a splash of colour, natural elements or different textures like marble or stone and you could have a winning combination.

Keep it simple

The minimalist movement swept over our homes and lives during the pandemic, and our bathrooms were not immune. Keeping the design simple and clutter-free can tap into a much more relaxed vibe. This also extends to key elements like tiling. While subway tiles are still popular, there has been a shift towards square tiles and keeping patterns to a minimum.

Greens and blues

Whether its in the colour palette or the use of verdant indoor plants, blue and green tones bring a sense of calm, harmony and peace to any room, including bathrooms. The preference to bring the outside in can be as easy as integrating a bit of nature into our bathrooms and ensuites with natural materials, botanical inspired wallpaper; and green and blue hues.

Double the fun

What’s better than one? Two, of course! Double vanities and double showers are increasingly popular, space permitting. And having two showers doesn’t mean they need to be identical. Perhaps consider a rain shower and a handheld shower head to cover off all bases.


Traditionally, bathrooms haven’t been high on the priority list for the latest technology, but the latest mod cons are ready and available for our wet rooms. Think sensor taps, heated toilet seats, self-cleaning toilets, de-misting mirrors and smart showers that can set the ideal temperature and water flow. Environmentally conscious water recycling systems are also on offer. And while all of these features could be pushing the renovation budget, it’s still OK to dream, right?


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