Design a winter-ready living room

18 June 2022

There’s nothing like snuggling up in a warm, welcoming living room while wild wintery weather unleashes outside.

Whether it’s relaxing with a good book, a Netflix binge or a family games night, a living room can really become the heart of your home in winter with a few enticing flourishes.

So how do you design a winter-ready living room? Here’s some tips:

Warm tones

The colour palette of your home can greatly affect your mood so opting for warm, earthy colours for your furniture and décor will provide a welcoming vibe.

Focus on beige, cream and tan tones with pops of colour when it comes to furnishings, and don’t be afraid to add different natural elements like timber, stone or rattan to provide a variety of textures.

Rugs and furnishings

When we think of winter warmers for our homes, it’s all about cushions, throws and blankets.

Layering up and having soft furnishings within arm’s reach can make your living room instantly inviting. Consider draping a throw over your couch and scattering cushions.

Carpets will create a warmer environment but you can still create that warm, cosy feel if you have floorboards or tiles by adding some woollen rugs, which will feel divine under foot.

Fire up

There’s nothing like the flicker of an open fire. Whether you’re up for some solo time or are looking for a place for family and friends to gather this winter, a fireplace can become a welcome of your living room.

There is an extensive list of options, including wood, gas and electric fireplaces, if want to create a warm, welcoming focal point in your living room.


Subdued lighting such as candles or dimmed pendant lights fosters a sense of warmth and relaxation. These can be a particularly good alternative if your living room design won’t allow for a fireplace.

Think outside

Cabin fever can set in when we’re in the midst of endless rainy days; and more and more our living spaces are extending outdoors.

While it’s ideal to snuggle up inside on wet, blustery days, it might be worth thinking outside the square and transforming an outdoor area into a cosy cocoon for when the weather allows.

All you need is some good shelter or a patio, a comfy day bed and a supply of cushions, blankets and throws to create a winter-friendly outdoor space.

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