Father’s Day At Home

5 September 2020

With Father’s Day this weekend, we’ve taken a look at the parts of the home that Dads love – and the value they can potentially add to your property.


Outdoor entertainment area

Dads have always loved a good barbeque but outdoor dining has now gone the full Masterchef. From barbeques that are meat smokers as well as grills, through to pizza ovens and entire outdoor kitchens with wet bars, sinks, fridges, woks and grills – Dad can indulge his passion for dining outdoors from as little as $50 right up to the tens of thousands. How much value it adds to your home depends on how permanent it is, the quality of the fittings and how it fits into the flow of the rest of your home. But smart outdoor entertaining spaces are recognised as one of the best ways to add value to your property.

Wine cellar

Whether it’s a temperature-controlled wine cabinet, specialised dining room cabinetry or a completely customised wine cellar dug out from the basement, Dads love to indulge their passion for wine (and Mums usually don’t mind either!). Property buyers are drawn to wine cellars because they convey passion. And with a wine cabinet costing as little as a few thousand dollars – and able to be installed as part of a kitchen or dining area feature – they can be well worth the investment when you resell.

Home theatre

Having a private cinema in your home was once considered the ultimate luxury. Film stars such as George Clooney are reported to have spent upwards of $500,000 on their renovations. But with Netflix, subscription TV and online streaming now common, it’s easier and more affordable to create a purpose-built room for Dad to enjoy his favourite movies and sports. You’ll need a big tv screen, decent soundbar – or fully surround sound – and room for two rows of seats to accommodate family and friends. Noise insulation from the rest of the house is optional, as is the popcorn maker.


Garages are one of the most popular ways to add value to a home that Dad will love. This is not just because they’re a great place for him to park his hotrod and Harley – or the family Kia – but because they are so versatile they can be turned into a dozen other rooms. An attached garage can cost around $20,000 to add to your home – depending on materials and location. But once installed, they can also be used as a workshop, for storage, games room, or home gym. And down the track, they can be renovated to be turned into a home office or additional room.

Home office

With Covid-19 encouraging more of us to work from home, home offices are now in strong demand with buyers and fetching premiums, especially those with their own entrances or located at the quieter end of the house. Additional bedrooms generally translate to a higher property price from between $80,000 to $150,000 and as most offices are converted bedrooms, it’s reasonable to expect a price bump. Make sure your home office is well designed and presented and has access to great wifi.

Parents Retreat

In centuries past, the master of the house had a smoking room or library where he could retreat to unwind from the troubles of the day. Today, when Dad is done with adulting, he can hide in the parents retreat – a space which is often an extension of the main bedroom or separate area close by. Of course, these days, Dad will probably need to share it with Mum.


Home gym

Whether it’s a converted spare room, the garage, or a dedicated area in the pool cabana or back porch, a home gym is worth its weight in gold when it comes to helping Dad feel great and keep his sanity. A home gym can be affordably created with some loose weights and a yoga mat, or built up over time with stepper and rowing machines and more sophisticated gym equipment. As most of the equipment is likely to go with you when you move, the value of a home gym is usually derived from its value as an extra room.

Whether it’s a good book in his favourite chair or a beer on the couch in front of the TV watching the footy, every Dad deserves a spot in the home to call his own. Happy Fathers Day to all our clients.


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