Five Ways To Help Protect Your Home From Winter Storms

7 August 2021

Perth recorded its wettest July in 26 years last month and there may be more squally conditions to come.

So now is an opportune time to consider a spot of household maintenance that will help protect your property from big storms, torrential downpours and gusty winds.

At Mont, we have an eye for knowing homes that have been diligently maintained and well cared for. There’s no substitute for putting in the hard yards with a bit of preparation.

So here is some advice to help you protect your property and its market value from the ravages of the winter season.


Storms and floodwaters will test your foundations. If you’re concerned about the base of your home, organise an inspection by a structural engineer. They should let you know of any repairs or reinforcement needed. This can be expensive but is worth it for the peace of mind.


Guttering are vital in diverting the welcome rains away from our homes and should be fastened with screws. If gutters are nailed in, be aware they are likely to take a beating in storms and high winds and work themselves free over the years. Not all guttering is the same, so select a style to handle heavy rains. And clean them regularly of leaves and twigs as this litter promotes rust and wood rot and causes overflow into your home and roof cavities.

Tree trouble

Maintain a keen eye on trees near your home. Branches that overhang your roof are a problem waiting to happen. Use the services of a tree surgeon or arborist to identify and mitigate any risk of damage from trees either in your yard or those next door. Specialists will also be able to help to obtain the correct permissions for tree removals that may be required.

Termite terrors

Vigilance is needed when it comes to checking for potential termite action. The little critters can eat away supporting timbers and when the big storms come, they’ll be useless in ensuring structural integrity. Pay careful attention to timbers inside the home, as well as windows, decking and the garage. If you spot a problem, it could be the tip of the iceberg.

Loose debris

If a stormfront is looming, be sure to remove any debris around the garden and store or tie-down furniture. This includes the barbeque, outdoor furniture, trampolines or anything that might be move during high winds and cause damage. They may seem light enough but can become deadly missiles in harsh weather conditions.

Our expert team at Mont is well connected in our community. We have a range of specialists who can help ensure your home is winter ready. Please click here to get in touch.

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