What are the most popular design trends for 2022 so far?

13 August 2022

Now, more than ever before, our homes are our sanctuaries.

Many of us used the pandemic to declutter and restructure our properties to accommodate our seemingly ever-continuing homelife and working from home set-ups.

But now, with that palaver largely behind us, homeowners are reclaiming some of that space, looking to a new swag of interior design trends.

So, what’s been creating a buzz so far in 2022 when it comes to our homes?

Colour it

Sensible and non-offensive, white colour palettes have long been a thing when it comes to our homes – and the thousands of white paint options available are still incredibly popular.

But more adventurous homeowners are embracing their connection to nature, with earthy tones for their homes this year. From tans to neutral tones, beiges and creams, there is definite concentration on warm colourings with pops of bold colour like green and darker shades.

And the warm tones don’t only extend to paintwork and the walls, tonal textures and natural materials like timber, cane and rattan are still especially popular, and wallpaper is also taking off in the right spaces.

The great outdoors

Having a seamless transition between indoor spaces and an outdoor retreats is more important than ever for homeowners.

More and more people are making the most of their alfresco areas, curating them into purposeful places including well-used features like vegetable patches, outdoor kitchens and barbecues; play spaces for the kids and secluded sitting areas amidst leafy surrounds.

Bring your greenthumb inside

Homeowners have embraced the advantages of plants and the health benefits they bring.

Research shows indoor plants can reduce stress and improve the air quality inside our homes, so lots of homeowners have turned their hands to potting. Not only do plants look beautiful and bring some greenery and colour to your abode, but they’ll prove a positive for your wellbeing.

Popular plants for 2022 are ferns, fiddle leaf fig trees, monstera, philodendron and palms.



Living through a pandemic taught us the importance of functionality. But being practical doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to our homes.

Add some personal flair or a touch of creativity with bespoke or vintage features, collectables or eye-catching artworks.

See the light

Bold, dramatic lighting installations are making a real statement when it comes to interior design in 2022, and homeowners aren’t just opting for one light source.

A growing number of home decorators are choosing ‘layered lighting’ or incorporating a number of light fixtures into a room. This includes combining downlights with stylish options, such as pendant fittings, chandeliers and unorthodox, modern features.

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