Why Wait Until Spring? Warm Up Your Home For A Winter Sale.

19 June 2021

Spring has traditionally been the most popular time for vendors to list their homes for sale, but Perth’s turbo-charged property market means this winter is now as good a time as any.

Turn up the heat on the chill factor. Here’s five tips to help prepare for the winter selling season:

Home is where the heart is

Our homes are our sanctuaries. And nothing has shown this more than the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t let prospective buyers rely on their imaginations. Creatively dress up your home for the season. Consider showcasing your backyard fire pit, theatre room or alfresco area as appealing winter retreats. If you don’t have the eye or knowhow to stage your home yourself, there are plenty of experts who can lend a hand. Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean your home needs to look like you’re in hibernation.

Create warmth

Nothing creates a cosy vibe more than an open fireplace or an effective heater. Stock up on wood and stoke the fire before your open for inspections to make your abode as welcoming as possible. There’s few things more homely than the waft of baked treats from your kitchen. Perhaps whip up a cake shortly before home opens to make your home more inviting to visitors?

Rug up

Take the edge off cold tiles, timber and concrete floors by investing in some beautiful rugs. While it may not be as effective as the luxury of hydronic underfloor heating, investing in soft furnishings is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to cosy-up your home. Add some throws to your lounge suite or in the bedrooms to continue that comfortable feel throughout the property.

Bright light

There’s nothing more uninspiring than a dark, dank home so pull back those curtains, open the blinds and bathe your home in natural light. If the design of your property does not make the most of a sunny aspect, consider a skylight or having an electrician install a few more LED downlights or specific lighting solutions to help improve the ambience.

Get gardening

As much as we like to tell ourselves not to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that first impressions stick. If your front yard is suffering from neglect or already succumbing to winter (over)growth, get into the garden. Prune and cut back unruly plants, sweep pathways, clean the cobwebs and plant some winter flowering plants to add a touch of colour to your yard.

If you’re preparing for a winter sale, our expert team at Mont is available to provide further advice. We also work with a range of amazing specialists who can help ensure your home sale ready. Please click here to get in touch.

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