Attadale dream home at one with nature

18 March 2023

Magnificently curated with vision, creativity and respectful regard for its spectacular natural surrounds, this spectacular Attadale gem is truly a sight to behold.

Owners Kylie and Jeff purchased the property at 10 Stock Road in 2003 as an older, two-storey house, which effectively snubbed its prime riverfront position, corralling the day-to-day living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

“The property was older and not really functional, and was calling for a complete makeover – a house that really took advantage of the views from all the main living areas,” Kylie said.

“It didn’t make sense to us that all the bedrooms had these amazing river views, yet we spent most of our time downstairs and there was no real outlook to enjoy.

“We had lived here for quite a few years so when it came time to build a new house, we had a good idea of how the house needed to be orientated, where the best views were and how to design a floorplan that made the most of those views.”

The result is an eye-catching, ultra-modern and alluring residence that cleverly melds a sleek design, with a warm, inviting interior ambience. Its design plays with cutting edge architecture and an array of materials and textures, including timber, glosswood and marmarino to make the home the epitome of luxury and class.

Set across three levels, the first-class views were a major inspiration in the design. The floorplan enjoys the master suite on the upper storey, kitchen and living area on the mid-level and an accommodation zone with three bedrooms downstairs.

Luxe features include underfloor heating and sensor operated under-bench LED night lighting in the bathrooms, high-tech security and an incredible alfresco that seamlessly adjoins the main internal living area.

There is also an atrium on the southern boundary with an array of sub-tropical plants.

Kylie said the knockdown-rebuild project, which was completed in 2018, was the vision of award-winning designer Darren Foster, from Paramount Designs, and ably supported by builder Tooltime Constructions.

“The architect had some new ideas as far as making feature walls work together with timber and a step-in shadow line, so it was actually quite a difficult house to build and incorporate all the architect’s crazy ideas,” she said.

“Having a builder like Tooltime was fantastic. They were really keen to take on a lot of the ideas and find workable solutions to include all the little details – and that really shows in finished house because there are all these beautiful features and textures that work so well together. It’s interesting. The more you look at it, the more you see.”

Kylie said the home provided perfect separation when needed, but brought the family together in the uber-functional, mid-level living zone.

“I really love being in the kitchen and being able to look out over the river while still being involved with what the family is up to because the living area is closely connected. That’s one of my favourite parts of the home.”

She also loves the adjacent bush outlook of Point Walter Golf Course and the close proximity to Blackwall Reach and Bicton Baths.

“Because we have no one living across the road from us, we have a bush outlook on one side and an amazing river view on the other. We have a lovely lush front garden and the backdrop of the trees and the bush behind is just beautiful,” she said.

“It’s so calming and relaxing when I’m working from my office. It really is a home that brings you closer to nature.”

The property is listed with Mont Property Managing Director Matthew Podesta and expected to fetch a sale price of more than $5.9 million.

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