Does a swimming pool add value to our homes?

21 October 2023

A swimming pool at home has long been a big ticket, luxury addition – and Perth’s climate puts us in prime position to splash out with the best climate for outdoor living and entertaining.

The lifestyle and wellness benefits of having a swimming pool, plunge pool or spa are countless – as a means for relaxation, fitness, socialising, and a way to keep the kids entertained (and attract every neighbourhood kid to your backyard!).

And more and more Australians are integrating pools into their homes.

Research by Roy Morgan, released in August 2023, found that one in seven – or 3.1 million Australians – live in a home with a swimming pool or spa. That equates to 14% of the national population – an increase on 13% five years ago.

And with Perth’s Mediterranean climate and love of the great outdoors, it’s no surprise that almost one in five Perth residents live in homes with swimming pools or spas. In fact, for many in our top end suburbs, having a pool has more or less become an expectation to stave off our hot, dry summers and blistering heatwaves.

But aside from the fun factor, does a swimming pool or spa actually add value to your property?

Whether a home with a swimming pool will net an extra financial return when the time comes to sell will largely depend on the neighbourhood, the prospective buyers and their personal preference.

A swimming pool can be a make or break feature, with some buyers deterred by the maintenance and ongoing expense. But for others, the lifestyle factor more than compensates for the extra time and effort maintaining the pool.

Generally, it makes financial sense to install a swimming pool if you live in a higher-end suburb and most of your neighbours have pools. Not having a pool could make your home harder to sell.

But the investment does come with a level of regular maintenance and ongoing costs for cleaning, chlorinating and filling the pool. Saying that, there are specialists like Pool Assist in Myaree who can do the hard yards for you.

Some buyers may shy away from buying a property with a pool, particularly if they aren’t keen on the upkeep or have young children and worry about their safety around water.

Families with older children may be more inclined to scout out homes with pools to help keep them busy and active, while downsizers looking to simplify their lives may be turned off by extra maintenance, particularly if they are looking for a lock and leave style home.

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