The Mont Philosophy

26 September 2020

When clients walk through the doors of Mont Property, they can expect a level of service that is in the tradition of a timeless international brand.

Managing Director Matthew Podesta says he founded Mont Property on the principles of quality, consistency and service that are the hallmarks of premium luxury brands.

The presentation of a property and the professionalism with which sales negotiations are handled continue to be critical to Matthew’s vision.

“The end-to-end process must be handled meticulously,” he says, “but it’s the soft touches that really count. Our reputation relies on the team delivering to the highest standards.”

As a mark of its commitment to excellence, the agency has been named the “2020 Small Residential Agency of the Year” by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia.

Mont specialises in the marketing of premium properties in Perth’s southern riverside corridor and surrounding suburbs. They have delivered several record prices for their clients, including a $7 million sale in the suburb of Attadale mid last year.

Matthew says, “We aim to deliver a premium experience that is synonymous with attributes that are appreciated by affluent consumers. To me, premium brands such as Rolex and Mercedes-Benz have a consistency that enables them to offer the very best choices in their markets.”

“To achieve their quality, all the parts of our agency must run like a Swiss watch. Whether it’s branding or workflow management, we pay attention to the smallest details.”

The integrity of the sales negotiation underpins the Mont philosophy, says Matthew.

“Consistent communication and transparency are essential,” he continues. “Even when variables such as buyers’ offers are out of your control, you have to deliver feedback to the seller effectively so they can adjust their plan or change perspective.”

Mont Property launched in 2008, and the very small team has expanded considerably since then. The team specialises in property marketing, sales negotiation, leasing and property management.

“We like to think we’re perfectionists in how we conduct our business,” says Matthew, “but we’re open-minded enough not to let that get in the way of progress. Technology has allowed us to evolve our property management department, and it’s certainly the most rapidly growing part of our business.”

Mont has a high client-retention rate and almost no arrears across their rent roll. “This part of the business is a paperless process,” says Matthew. “We’ll even conduct inspections using video-platforms where possible. Everything is cloud-based, so we’re nimble and accessible to tenants and landlords.”

Matthew began Mont Property after working for a large real estate group and says his ambition was to develop a distinctive brand and create a niche in the premium property market.

He describes his role in the business today as “motivator and innovator”, and he is certainly comfortable in his surroundings.

Born and raised in the City of Melville, he has strong professional and personal connections throughout the greater Melville and Fremantle communities.

“I love the area,” says Matthew. “The lifestyle is as good as anywhere in the world. The quality of homes, the space we enjoy and community facilities are fantastic for raising a family. There’s a strong sense of belonging.”

Matthew ensures Mont Property contributes to the community through participation and sponsorship of local events, such as the Jacaranda Festival on Ardross Street in Applecross, which is held on the last weekend of November. Mont also contributes to many other worthy causes and charities.

“It has been wonderful to build Mont Property into a strong business and see it contribute to the local area,” says Matthew.

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