Selling in spring with Mont

1 October 2022

Spring has sprung – so how do you put your best foot forward to secure a successful sale?

Traditionally regarded as the peak selling season, spring is all about sunny days and gardens in full bloom. There’s often a renewed sense of optimism and greater motivation amongst both buyers and sellers after winter.

And as property values continue to slide in other Australian capital cities, Perth is showing great promise this spring with the city holding its own with a robust and active market.

So, here’s some tips about why you might want to consider listing with Mont this spring.

Competing buyers

Spring is generally a hive of activity, with buyers and sellers aplenty. With a greater number of buyers in the market, the extra competition can be a boon for vendors as purchasers engage in strong bidding and offers that can push prices higher than expected.

Quick sales

Properties that hit the market in spring often sell faster and attract higher sales prices than those sold at other times of the year. There is nothing like a bit of spring sunshine to encourage people out of their winter hibernation, and that alone can be a big factor in encouraging buyers to become more motivated to purchase.

Street appeal

The old adage tells us ‘not to judge a book by its cover’, but the reality is first impressions matter. Spring is the perfect time to capitalise on street appeal, so make some time to prune, weed and tackle a general yard clean-up to ensure your home presents at its best from the get-go.

Master maintenance

Not many of us are motivated to confront a growing list of household chores head-on during winter. But this season brings more inspiration as communities spring back into action, so get out and clean the gutters, pull out the paintbrush and invest time making those long overdue repairs. You with thank yourself for the effort, especially if your hard work pays dividends and translates to a good sale price.

Suit yourself

While spring is an optimal time to list your home for sale, make sure you time a potential sale with what suits you and your family. Buyers are always looking for quality homes, so don’t feel pressured to market your property if it’s not the right time for you personally.

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