Things You Don’t Need When Selling Your Home

3 October 2020

One of the inevitabilities of modern life is that we accumulate stuff. Here are 7 things you can declutter right now to help get your home ready for sale.


Fake flowers

If you’ve had them for a while, they’re probably collecting dust. If they’re filling a strategic spot, use real flowers for when prospective buyers walk through the door.

Fridge magnets

While it’s great to know the number of a plumber in an emergency, they make the kitchen look messy.

Photos of the grandkids

A few images to show that you have a loving family is great, but if pics of the kids at every stage of their life are covering every horizontal surface, you need to act. Pop them in a box and store safely until you’re in your new home.


Souvenirs such as those from the family holiday at Disneyworld through to Lladró figurines – if they’re valuable or sentimental, pack them carefully for your new home. Displaying all of them just makes your home feel busy. And buyers will struggle to picture themselves living in the property.

Recipe books

Choose one that makes a statement but put all the rest in storage until you move. It’s highly likely they’re cluttering up your kitchen.

Oversized furniture

That super stuffed sofa and the mega TV unit may be comfy and convenient but they’re making the living room look small and crowded. You may want to think about storing them until you move.

Bottles of alcohol on display

We know that having access to a drink can be important when you’re selling, but they’re collecting dust and making the cabinet appear cluttered.

A garden or garage full of stuff

From pot plants to garden tools or boxes and old furniture you’ve been meaning to clear out – our yards and garages can become dumping grounds for everything we haven’t used in a while, or future projects that just never happened.

Now is the time to get brutal. Make the kids come and pick up their stuff, and hold a yard sale or hire a dumpster. Are you really going to take it all to your new home?

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