Why autumn may be a good time to sell

25 February 2023

Autumn can be an attractive time to sell property with the changing seasons and the aesthetically pleasing carpet of yellows and oranges in our gardens.

While spring is often regarded as the best selling season, autumn seems to have usurped the title, with its buoyant market heralding strong results for vendors if the market conditions are right.

New data released by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia this week shows that March has been Perth’s most active month for property sales, on average, over the past decade.

The statistics, which analyse data between 2012 and 2022, show that the greatest number of sales happen in the months of March, closely followed by November, while May and August experience smaller peaks.

Mont Managing Director Matthew Podesta said autumn was generally a lively, yet understated selling time as vendors prepared their properties for the market before the onset of winter.

“Early autumn can be a sweet spot for sellers, particularly those who want to market their home when the weather is pleasant and not too extreme,” Mr Podesta said.

“The situation is even more palatable in Perth where stock availability is still currently at a record low. Demand for property remains strong despite recent interest rate rises and speculation that there may be more hikes to come this year.

“Those ingredients, coupled with plenty of buyers seeking quality homes in our area, will make for an interesting autumn market, particularly when the season has traditionally been quieter when it comes to buyer activity and new listings on market.”

But selling in autumn may mean more effort when it comes to household maintenance and garden clean-ups.

Nothing says ‘autumn’ more than a beautiful blanket of fallen amber leaves, but this seasonal display can make a terrible mess and mean your property isn’t being presented at its best.

“It’s important to take time to clear gutters, rake up leaves, clean the windows and tackle any lingering maintenance tasks and repairs so you know your house will present at its best right from the first home open,” Mr Podesta said.

If you’re considering taking your home to market this autumn, contact our team for some further advice.

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